Your cat is in good hands…relax and enjoy your time away from home! 


My name is Terri North, sole owner of City Paws Cat Sitting and I’ve lived with animals my entire life. My father was a veterinarian and I began working in his hospital at age 12, met and cared for a wide range of animal personalities and temperaments, and learned the basics of insulin injections and giving medications. Cats have always been my deep passion and hold a special place in my heart. 

After my 12 year old cat passed away unexpectedly I was overwhelmed with sadness. Eventually that grief became the motivation that inspired me to start my cat sitting business so I could once again enjoy the comfort of spending time with cats. That was the best decision I've ever made and has fulfilled my need and desire to be with the animals I take care of.

My business was born from this passion and I appreciate the importance of peace of mind when you travel. I'm attuned to the various needs of each individual cat, their habits, preferences and desire for human contact when their family’s away. Dependable, organized and compassionate, I easily bond during my visits. My passion is my purpose!

While my typical visit to my cat clients are during the day, I’m available for overnight sitting if that’s an essential part of your cat's care